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Stay Fresh

Whether you need commercial refrigeration or home air conditioning,
we can help keep temperatures low around the clock.


Sales, Service and Installation

From boilers, furnaces, air conditioning to commercial refrigeration we are hear to help you.  Contact us today!

Absolute Temperature Control is your heating and cooling solution. We provide residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients with heating and cooling systems in Central Alberta. We service all makes and models of heating and cooling units, including air conditioners, hot water tanks, boilers, walk in freezers, coolers, commercial kitchen equipment and more. We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service, and we have extensive experience in the field. You can always trust that our technicians will meet your needs. For more information about our services or to book a consultation, please give us a call.

Serving You Since 1970

We have extensive experience and we’ve built our reputation on years of quality work.


Terra-Therm Systems Inc. is affiliated with Absolute Temperature Control. We started Terra-Therm Systems Inc. in 1978, supplying Canadians with ground source heating, air conditioning, hot water, and infra heat. Our technology uses energy from the earth to generate heat.

For more information about ground source heating, contact us today.

Ground Source Heating

Our affiliated company, Terra-Therm, can heat your home with energy from the earth.

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